Meru Cabs

Meru Cabs

The cab company to launch a first ever known equipped “Radio cab” that had meters in them was Merucabs. All these cabs with their radios were released under the brand name of “Meru”.

From its year of launch i.e. 2007, in the month of April, it has expanded it selves both in terms of its coverage area as well as its cab fleet. These cabs give comfortable option to its customer to travel to their destination in an air-conditioned environment. All these cabs remain at service of their customers 24/7. In these cabs, it is also ensured to its customers that no meddling would be done with their bill, as it provides all of them with printed bills.

These Meru Cabs Company has its main office in Mumbai. It’s extended its services to all present metro cities of India. These all four metros are Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad. In this company, every extra effort is given to take a dependable service to its customers through unique technologies, systems of devising as well as processes. It helps company to keep a good interface with all its clients. Ensuring all its passengers well-being is the technology of GPS and GPRS. Maintenance of every Merucabs is done by Company it selves.

Even the company name of Meru Cabs is that of God of mountains it selves. This way this company speaks of its unshakable dependability. This is the promise that is kept by company to all its customers.

Few Facts About Meru Cab:-

All 45 taxis of Meru Company were commenced from the year of 2007. Later on it lengthened it selves even to other metro cities. Now in all existing metros it has 5000 cabs. In Mumbai it has 1800, in Hyderabad its number is of 800, in Delhi it is 1200 whereas in Bengaluru it is 1200.

  • It ranks third in being biggest company of “Radio Taxi”.
  • It also is largest taxi operators in every city.
  • It takes approximately 20,000 trips on daily basis.
  • In a single month, it has a record of satisfying passengers more than 1 million in numbers.

All daily passengers give their highest preference to this Company. Around 90% get routinely satisfied with it. It has an Oracle ERP, Aspect IVR as well as Siebel CRM installed for rendering best available services. It also has collaboration with all major metro city airports. It also is a winner of three times NASSCOM CNBC TV-18 awarded “Best IT User Awards”. This award has been given to it in years 2008, 2009 as well as 2010.

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